I love designing logos. For me as a designer, they are the essence of great design. They are the spark of an idea that leads to a clients branding and whole identity. When I get a good logo idea, I just feel it. A gut feeling. Instinct. I view and design a logo not just in isolation of the logo itself, but how it will work in print, online, in emails, clothing, across vans, signage and more.

Here are a few examples of logo designs I have created.

My better half is a keen photographer and web developer. She also has what she calls ‘Wonky Vision’, meaning she has a ocndition which affects her peripheral vision. She uses her photography as a platform to show that anyone can create and achieve their goals, no matter what disability or restrictions are put upon us. Her logo is a reflection of her wonky vision. The irregular cirles representing the irregularity of her eyesight and how we, as a society, view accesibility and inclusion.
Taking their existing brand colours, I created a clean, crisp logo that had an isntantly recognisable hallmark using Lato, a lovely clean google font which can be used online and offline. The 45ยบ square with each quarter shaded like an overhead pyramid to represent empowerment and business structure.
Sarah and Sallyann initially wanted a new website, but used the opportunity to establish their brand, with their logo being the catalyst for all of this. As doulas they recognised how the dandelion represents birth and life, with eggshell blue being a colour that is strong with both of them and with the profession of midwifery and doulas.
Stewart Kendrick Design logo